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2014, August 28
by Refocused Media

12 Films That Made The Project Greenlight Top 200

One of the best behind-the-scenes looks at the world and process of filmmaking was the HBO reality series, Project Greenlight. Consisting of 12 episodes, it was a competition that followed aspiring filmmakers as they jockeyed for the chance to make a feature film with a studio budget, professional crew, and guaranteed distribution. While it ran for a second and third season, it ultimately failed to produce a financially viable film that would justify extending the series further.

Now, nearly a decade later, the series is returning and the first round of cuts has been made. For anyone curious what type or quality of films are being chose to move on to the second round, I have just what you’re looking for.

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2013, April 2
by Refocused Media
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How to Make DIY Squibs

DIY Squibs are an essential part of indie action filmmaking, used by thousands of films all over the world. They allow you to give the effect of a bullet hit or expulsion of blood from the body of an actor. But if you’re a smaller production, how can you achieve this effect on a limited budget? Director Gareth Evans has you covered.

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2013, March 3
by Refocused Media

The Art of Steadicam

If you’ve seen my earlier videos you already know I have a love for long takes or “one shots”. More often than not, these sequences are accomplished using a Steadicam, which is essentially a balanced stabilizer that allows for smoother and more easily controlled handheld camera operation. Invented by Garrett Brown in the early 70′s, the steadicam shot — or ‘steadishot’ — has become one of the most dynamic and exciting forms of cinematography and is one of the most engaging visual techniques in a filmmaker’s storytelling arsenal.

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2013, February 5
by Refocused Media

Websites To Enhance Your Movie Watching

This post is due to a situation I experienced the other day. A friend was asking on Facebook for a recommendation for a “good movie on Netflix streaming”, and immediately I began thinking of a handful of websites that they should be using. Soon, I realized they probably didn’t know about them. Within a minute or two, I replied with a personal recommendation for Winter’s Bone. Not only did it have a 94% score on Rotten Tomatoes, but it was about to expire so I said they should take advantage of it while they could. How was I able know this helpful information so quickly?

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